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Picture Galleries: Lucie and a friend get their booties fucked

There is only one thing better than a slut with a perfect ass, and that is two sluts with perfect asses. Bad joke I know but it came true when we went to meet up with Lucie and she had brought one of her equally curvy friends along with her in the chance that they could both get fucked by the massive cock we had waiting to take on a big ass adventure.

Picture Galleries: Sabrina gets her organs rearranged by a big cock

Sabrina had an ass that was more rounded than a circle, and we found her walking along the city street heading for a coffee. Well she got some hot coffee for sure by the time we were done with her because we bribed her back to our place and then tapped that ass like it was a beer keg, she loved every minute of it and even wanted more aftewards.

Picture Galleries: Julia strips out of her hot pants and gets fucked

Julia walked into the studio in the shortest hot pants that we had ever seen, they barely even covered her thong and left nothing to the imagination, which was great because we were about to take this slut on a big ass adventure to the land of orgasms and back, we got one of our biggest studs to drop by and give her a fucking that she would never forget.

Picture Galleries: Katarina floods out the studio with her pussy

Katarina was a rare kind of girl to find nowdays, the thing that was special about her was that she had never been fucked in the ass before and as soon as she told us that when we were all just talking we knew what our mission was for the day, to take this girl on a big ass adventure and pop her anal cherry, when we did it she screamed to high heaven but boy it was worth it.

Picture Galleries: Cute and slutty blonde Sandra gets banged

Sandra is one of those girls that you look at and just think that she is a complete cock whore, it's not her fault because you would think it even if she was a virgin. This is because has the 'look' and is just so damn sexually attractive, we couldn't resist plugging that tight ass with a huge cock and then making her swallow a load of cum to prove what a slut she was.

Picture Galleries: Pamela stretches her latex pants

Pamela came at us wearing some of those strechy new latex pants and we just knew that by the time the day was over we would be having a look inside of those tight little things and even sneaking a huge cock into her tight little snatch, this girl was one of our most perfect candidates for taking on a legendary big ass adventure, that's for sure.

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